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I help people achieve their goals while empowering them and helping them to learn sustainable holistic health lifestyles.

As a Master’s prepared Clinical Nurse Leader, I was trained to identify gaps in care at micro and macrosystem levels. I developed, co-created, and implemented several system changes due to data analysis and staff/patient satisfaction levels. It has been so fun to be a nurse during this innovative time! The programs that I have had the pleasure to be associated with include a new Mental Heath Nursing Orientation, a Wellness Program for Employees, creation of a “Whole Health” workbook, Community Garden and Greenhouse, Interdisciplinary monthly topic discussions for nurses, an educational programs on Mental Health Diagnoses, among other endeavors to enhance services to patients and employees. Due to these process improvements, I have presented as multiple conferences and received awards. My most precious and humbling awards include being chosen as a 2019 Arkansas Great 100 Nurse and chosen as a 2017 Arkansas Center for Nursing’s 40 Nurse Leaders Under 40.

It wasn’t always this way. My parents were afraid that I would not amount to anything as I was not an upstanding citizen as a teenager and young adult. My life including drugs, alcohol, getting into trouble with the law, and hanging around folks who were not positive for growth. Turns out that I did all these things because I didn’t know how to cope with life. Who knew ;). I am a firm believe that God puts people in your life at the right time for the right reason and that you just have to be willing to listen. I just want you to know that I ended up working in mental health for a reason. It saved my life. I can help you to learn how to view your life through different lens thus change the way that you react.  It’s all about knowledge, perspective, and having support.



So often others provide us with what we want to hear.  But how’s that working for us?  Are we getting honest feedback to help us grow?  I am able to be that person for you who can provide helpful honest feedback while fostering a positive relationship with you.



Not going to lie, becoming healthy in all aspects is HARD work yet I know that you can do it!  We will be a working team and you will always have  team rallying you on your hardest days!



I have been a psychiatric nurse for over a decade.  During this time, I have been able to help thousands of people learn better coping skills and received many awards due to these efforts.  Becoming a APRN, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner has helped me to broaden my own education and thus I am able to provide a more integrated approach.



I have many helpful tips that I have collected over the years that are back by research and proven to work!  This information can help to provide a road map for your new life.



Being healthy is not rocket science yet it is very hard to do by yourself.  Simple techniques are provided that can change the way that you think thus change the way that you behave!  Learn to love yourself!



Whoot whoot!  Our team will be with you every step of the way and be your personal one on one cheerleader!  You have talents within you that you don’t even know about yet.  Let’s discover them together!


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