Our Approach

We believe in producing a 100% pure product that you can use and safely share with your family.  Research has shown that cultures of people who grow, harvest, and use their own products have decreased cancer rates.  This speaks VOLUMES as to the ingredients that we use in our modern world and convenience items.  Salt and Light Holistic Health offers a product that is clean and nutrient dense.  All products are created and designed for the health benefits of the largest organ that our body offers, the skin and hair.  Nourish your skin internally with a healthy diet and externally with a product that is free of toxins, chemicals or preservatives.  Welcome to the Salt and Light Holistic Health revolution!    

We take pride in our processes and use only the finest quality 100% Vegan ingredients.  We use untapped, nutrient dense super ingredients starting with using locally grown Sunflowers rich in Vitamin E as the base for our serums.  We’re sulfate, paraben, silicone, and artificial color/fragrance-free.  Absolutely no animal testing occurs within our company meaning that we are 100% cruelty free.  All ingredients are formulated to have a specific purpose within each serum.  Each blend of carefully selected ingredients is handcrafted with love and gratitude in small batches in North Little Rock, AR.     


Salt and Light Holistic Health is for everyone wanting to make a difference for themselves and others.  We believe that our purpose is to share holistic healing both externally and internally.  We offer a collection of beauty products as well as a strong community, #SALTANDLIGHTTRIBE.  We are so incredibly grateful to have this opportunity to share ourselves and our products with you!  Welcome to our tribe!