Stephanie Burnett: I am a Board Certified APRN, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Board Certified Clinical Nurse Leader, author, speaker, expert in holistic mental health, and award-winning nurse. I have devoted my career to the study of mental health, substance abuse, and process improvements of healthcare systems, and have published significant findings on these subjects in leading peer-reviewed health journals.

My clinical practice combines aspects of traditional mental health care including medication and therapies while also integrating the associated practices of naturopathic, functional medicine, and Eastern and Western healing. I specialize in stress reduction techniques including mindfulness, guided imagery, deep breathing, and Qigong.  I am an internationally board certified Tai Chi instructor and studying to be a Clinical Aromatherapist.

I thrive in helping people to learn how to better handle stress and worries within their lives. I have helped hundreds of people to learn how to find their own individual journey of recovery and peace within their lives. I help people to identify common areas of life that most of us are compromised in and how to learn new coping skills. It’s a fun and rewarding challenge! I have my own Psychiatric APRN practice in Cabot, AR and offer telehealth services to those in Arkansas. You can find out more about my services at Psychology Today @

By offering products and this blog, I  hope to present ideas and topics that people can use to find a healthierrr life. I am passionate about bringing the concepts that I have seen to work over and over to the masses! I am especially passionate about supporting nurses and our well-being. I would love to connect with this community via this blog! Nursing is rated as one of the top stressful occupations yet there are minimal wellness programs and support for this population. I hope to drop some helpful tips here to help support this community as our health is critical for us, our families, and the public who visit healthcare systems. 


Fun fact: Our serum line was born because of being a nurse and being a germophobe (don’t know how I make in nursing), my hands were torn up due to constant hand washing.  I found this serum to be a miracle worker on restoring my hands!  I have shared this product with my other nursing friends, and we all agree that we can’t go on without it!

Above are my goals; however, my growth and style are ever evolving! I hope that we all are able to grow with each other and have some fun on this new journey ;). 

Don’t want to leave out the hubs! 

Jon Burnett is my rock and leader.  He keeps me on track will all my ideas and is the business mind for our company.  In his spare time, he is an avid archer both in the 3D competition and hunting worlds.  His love for archery knows no bounds and helps all that he can in teaching this sport.  He has a bow shop at our house where he is always working on someone’s compound bow for them. 

He is also the visionary for our men’s line of products.  I am a firm believer that you have to use the expert in the field to get exceptional results.  He tests our men’s products on himself and a group of men that he has the upmost regard for.  The “manly men” must have their say before we produce the final product. 

We live in North Little Rock, AR with our two beautiful kiddos Jon Michael ( a junior of course!), Adaline, and our rescue horses and dogs (can’t give a number as it is always changing).  We are loving this season right now and oh so grateful that we want to share our message with the world!

This is us!  This is who we are.  Now that you know a little bit about us, I hope that you join our tribe and help to change this world for the better.  Let’s get healthy and leave the world better for the next generation!     


Please feel free to reach out to me anytime.  Thank you all in advance for this new opportunity!  Contact me at for business/pr inquires, questions, help, or suggestions.