Paralyzed By of Other’s Thoughts

Paralyzed Because of Other’s Thoughts

One of my favorite quotes is “What other people think of you is none of your business” (Unknown).  I have found this to be oh so true!  Other’s thoughts are none of my business as those are their thoughts.  Not my thoughts.  My thoughts are the ones that matter, are my business, and my property.  Many are so concerned about other’s thoughts of us that we are afraid of moving forward in our lives and making the necessary changes that we need to.  Seriously.   We are so worried about others that we don’t even live our own lives.  We become paralyzed by other’s thoughts.  Now tell me how wacky this is but we do it everyday!


I’ll be quick to start worry about what someone thinks of me.  When I would walk into a room of people talking and if they stopped talking, I would instantly start getting paranoid.  I would start sweating, my stomach would start turning, full sympathetic system of fight or flight would kick in.  My thoughts would instantly physically affect me.  The only way that I was to overcome this was to think of the quote, “What others think of you is none of your business.”

Truth Bomb

I first heard this saying sharing some of my struggles with one of my mentors who was a LCSW (social worker).  I had shared with him that often I felt that I was letting people down and worried that others were talking bad about me.  And then my mentor dropped this golden saying.  Truth bomb exploded and changed my life from that day on!

Today think of if this is something that you struggle with.  If so, when the thoughts pop up in your mind, think of “What others think of me is none of my business.”  It’s a game changer once you can believe this to be true!  It is your right to take care of yourself and not let others influence the way that you think about yourself.

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