Happiness is Earned!

I’m a Good Person

Who doesn’t want happiness?  It’s what we strive for everyday.  We live for it.  We want it so bad.  The thing is that often we think that we should receive it and do nothing for it.  It should be handed to me on a silver patter.  I deserve it.  After all, I’m a good person and do good things.  Therefore, it should come back to me 10-fold.  This is often what I think to myself.  I spend all day trying to do the right thing.  God should see my good works and reward me right?  Selllfffiiissshhh me…

Change It Up

The thing is that although I do strive to be a good person everyday, it is not up to me if I should be rewarded or not in that moment.  We have to do the essentials everyday to create our own happiness around us.  It’s about changing our thinking patterns.  That’s really it.  No more should I think that I “earn” anything but that I create it for myself.

My Choice

Everyday we have choices to make all day long.  Your choice as to if you want to chose the happy and positive side of a situation.  This is how I create my “happiness wealth” in exponential speed.  By choosing how we think, we create how we respond.  This is how my happiness is achieved.  For example, straight up our American Bulldog decided to deuce on my son’s floor this morning.  I heard JM in his room screaming.  Yep… he stepped all in it.  I could have in that moment got all stressed out about this and seriously taken that bad energy throughout the day with me.  Instead in that moment, I decided that this was not going to ruin my day.  Just clean everyone up, discipline the dog, clean the mess and forget about it.  Stuff happens.  Dogs eat chocolate and get sick.  Next time we will do better and I bet JM doesn’t leave the chocolate out for the dog to eat!

As your day goes on, think about what is happening around you and how you are responding.  Think hard about how these thoughts are influencing your happiness today in these moments.

With Love & Gratitude,



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