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Being Nice: Recipe for Success

live in a competitive world. This world. What can we say but this world. I know for me, I often wonder if being nice still really works. We live in a competitive time and in a competitive market. The ones who are loud seem to get all the attention and the kudos. The ones who do the hard work… well they seem to get shucked on. It often makes me wonder “Should I be loud? Should I lose who I am and do what “they” do? Should I promote myself and be loud and take what I want? Does being nice even work anymore?”

But this is not me. Not it the least. If I became a person who was competitive and loud then I would truly lose myself. I like being in the background and helping others to shine. I like being soft spoken, quite, and listening to others. After all… still waters run deep. And being nice works. Children even know this advantage.

Kids know that to be nice often equates that you can get what you want. The other night we all went out to eat. My son had been begging to go stay with this great aunt. I told him that I would surely try to remember to text her and ask. After supper, the kids went to the front counter at the restaurant and got a handful of peppermints (after I said no more of course). We got home, got the kids bathed and in bed, and then it was our turn for bed. On my nightstand, my son had left 5 peppermints. Now these kids fight over some peppermints and here was JM leaving a handful for me. Ummmm wow is all I can say. This kiddo at 5 knows whats up. Although I know this dude is manipulating me into calling his aunt to stay the weekend, he knows that being nice could possibly get him what he wants. He doesn’t really understand devious manipulation only baseline at this point. Welp. It worked for him. When people are nice to us, it helps us to want to be nice back. Human nature. It’s how we are programmed. You are not going to be a deuce to person who is truly trying to be nice. And if you are, unless you are narcissistic or such, you gonna feel some kind of bad afterwards. So go ahead on the front end and remember what you learned as a kid. Be nice. Be truly and authentically nice. People are smart and know when you being fake fake. Not only does it help to get our needs met when we are nice to others, it also helps us to feel good about us.

Don’t let the world lie to you. Being nice still works!

With Love and Gratitude,


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